Saturday, 24 December 2011

What is Advait Vedant?

My postings will present fundamental Vedantic principles and how I understand them to be relevant to my life.

This first posting is simply my definition of what is Advait Vedant.

What is Advait Vedant?
The direct experience of non-dualism.
Advait means “non dual”, i.e. the perspective from the source of consciousness that is ONE and gives rise to the limited perception that I am separate from my world.
Vedant means “The knowledge of the source of who I am” i.e. the source of our awareness.

Through the study of Vedantic knowledge and with the application of its practice principles, we come to a clearer understanding of the mind’s fundamental role in causing physical, emotional and mental unease.
We further learn mastery over the mind, which leads to connection with our original identity and its pure sense of Being.
Just as light dispels darkness, the light of source awareness, when released from its entanglement in our internal dialogue, dispels confusion and unease, and brings light to the subtle levels of witnessing consciousness.
Through Vedic practices - namely meditation and conscious breathing techniques - the mind and body’s energetic channels become clear and vital, bringing about a harmonious integration of body and mind with our original Being.